Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mt Everest Trekking

Nepal is a mountainous country and a perfect place to be trekking. The Himalayan ranges and the routes are famous all over the world to be trekked. The world highest mountain Mount Everest which lies at an altitude of 8848m is located in Nepal. Mt Everest trekking is the perfect place to be trekked as this region is covered by many Himalayas, the topmost peak Mount Everest and different others small peaks.

Trekking Everest provides all the mountaineers a lifetime chance to fulfill exceptional occurrence. Everest trekking region is positioned in the eastern part of Nepal. Hiking, trekking, mountaineering, sight seeing are the exclusive things that are done while trekking to their. Trekking Everest is sheltered by Sagarmatha National Park, which ranges an area up to 1148 sq km and a inhabitant of many wild animals and birds. Please find our Trekking Everest YouTube video.

Trekking Everest is the perfect way to submerge you into the wilderness of nature knowing the place, peoples and their way of living. There are many well-known places that are visited trekking Everest by the trekkers on the route like gokyo valley, namchee bazzar, lukla and many more. Those places are rich in natural scenery as well as the tradition culture and the lifestyle of legendary Sherpa peoples. The great Tenzing Sherpa of Nepal and sir Edmund Hillary of British were the first people to climb the topmost peak of Mount Everest. After that success victory of climbing Mt Everest trekking many mountaineers and climbers have reached at the top of mount Everest which is the great life challenge of the Everest trekkers.